issur veheter course

להזמנה של ההקרנה המלאה - נא מלאו פרטים

The Issur V’heter Course

The “Havineini” institute offers an online study course that has been established with the encouragement and under the watchful eye of the Chabad Beis Din and Rabbonim. The goal of this endeavor is to make the learning of Halachah more accessible, and to arrange it in an easy and understandable fashion for Anash and Shluchim. The institute sees a need to focus on the ability of Anash to know the practical Halachah of day-to-day situations that often arise. The situations that require immediate Halachic rulings, and there must be someone ready to offer accurate Halachic guidance whether it be at home or in shul. 

The board who will grant the Semicha certificates is operated by Rabbonim and members of the Beis Din. The Semicha department of the “Havineini” institute is available for any member of the Anash community who wishes to fulfill the behest of our Rebbe and receive Semicha. The structure of the course makes it available even to those who do not find themselves in a Yeshiva or Kollel environment. The goal of the course is for the students to not only learn Issur Veheter, but rather for the students to enter into the world of Halachah.


The curriculum will comprise Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah: Siman 87-97, Hilchos Basar Bechalav. Siman 98-110 Hilchos Taaruvos. Siman 69-78 Hilchos Melichah. 

The course will span 48 weekly sessions, spanning 13 months.

Hilchos Basar Bechalav – 20 sessions.

Hilchos Taaruvos – 20 sessions.

Hilchos Melichah – 8 sessions. 

Each session will be comprised of a shiur spanning 2 and a half hours (containing a short break), hosted in a private online classroom, operated by “Havineini.”

The curriculum will include:

  1. A book of summaries of all the necessary Halachahs written in a clear and understandable fashion.
  2. A workbook of review questions, as well as practical Halachic questions regarding the content studied.
  3. Depictions and diagrams to aid the students in their study, which will be sent to the students following each shiur.
  4. Recording/videos of the shiurim, which will be sent to the students after each shiur.


The institute will coach the students to succeed on the tests, providing review Shiurim, review videos, and personal attention. At the conclusion of the studies, the students will meet for a test administered by one of the leading Chabad Rabbonim of our day.

Once the student has succeeded in all 3 stages of the courses, he will receive a certificate of Semicha from the institute and from the Rabbonim serving on the Chabad Beis Din. The certificates will be delivered to the students while attending special study-days with the Rabbonim of the Beis Din. 

Students who do not pass the test, will receive a certificate of confirmation that they have studied the curriculum, but will not receive a Semicha certificate. In order to receive a Semicha certificate, the student will have to revisit the Halachos and redo the tests.


Application to the course can be done online using this website. 


To receive Semicha, the student must pass the following criteria.

  1. The Semicha will only be given to those that are fit and apt to serve as a Rabbi. To that extent, the student will need to produce a letter of recommendation from a Rav or Shliach.
  2. The student must have a full grown beard.
  3. The student must pass the test.
  4. The students who are located in Israel must attend the study-days that will take place in Kfar Chabad.

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