The “Havineini” Institute is an Internet learning program established with the encouragement and support of the beis din rabbonei Chabad of erets yisroel to facilitate the study of halacha and to adapt it in a simple and easy way for Shluchim and Anash.

The institute provides a unique response to the great demand among Anash and Shluchim to know the “Ma’aseh asher Ya’asun” (practical halachah) i.e. how to respond to the many daily halachic situations we encounter, in particular, situations that raise halachic questions that need an immediate r

esponse, or require practical halachic solutions to incidents that occur at home, Shul or that involve members of the community. Instruction is also given for Rabbinic ordination through beis din rabbonei Chabad.

Between the need and the desire to know Halacha and the actual study, there are many difficulties standing in our way. The study of halacha is difficult and complex. It requires deciphering halachic issues, understanding the laws in their origin, and most importantly, grasping the implications for daily life, which requires a broad knowledge of practical halachic.

To that end, we at the “Havineini” Institute have invested a great deal of effort in breaking down sugiyot and making halacha accessible, simpler and concise. Courses are accompanied by professional visual presentations to help illustrate the material. Much emphasis is given to summarizing and recording the various opinions using an innovative method that is helpful in remembering the course material.  Even students with little time to study halacha, will have the ability to acquire a wide knowledge of halacha in a short time.

This curriculum was written with the guidance of prominent rabbis who have extensive experience in practical halachic rulings and in delivering halachic instruction to the general public.

Another difficulty that the “Havineini” Institute provides a solution for is participating in a class offered at predetermined times without regard to the daily constraints of everyday life, the hassle of traveling, time wasted in traffic and so on. To this end, we have invested in establishing an online platform for halachah instruction. The classes are delivered in a virtual classroom with personal and individual accessibility capabilities. Each student connects from home, office or anywhere else that is comfortable for him. In addition, if you miss a class, it will be waiting for you to watch at your convenience!

Special emphasis is given by the Institute on creating a cohesive learning group in each course. Participants in each group are encouraged to support each other and thereby turn the study experience into a special and interesting experience. Similarly, the rabbis are always available to offer support to course participants and are available for any help and guidance, and to answer any questions that arise.

let'S fulfill the rebbe's will

The Rebbe’s desire and request is well known and publicized that everyone should learn the necessary laws that apply to daily life, until they receive a “S’micha” so that he can be a ‘rabbi in his own house’, and deal with halachic questions that arise at home, many of which require immediate decisions that cannot wait for a response from the Rov.

There is wonderful testimony in the words of the Rebbe that anyone can learn and succeed in learning Halacha until they receive ordination, and that this is the tool that, with G-d’s help, the house will become an ‘Eternal Edifice’.

And in the language of the Rebbe, “It is most worthwhile and proper that all those who wish to build a “Binyan Adei Ad” (and similarly, newlyweds after the wedding) – will receive Rabbinic Ordination. And it is certainly within the capacity of each and everyone to receive ordination “(Toras Menachem 5712, Shvat 24, Tuesday, Parshas V’eirah).

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